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Commercial Building Industry Projects.

Focusing on office, retail and mixed-use spaces, Summit Engineering truly understands the needs of a commercial buildings. At Summit, we recognize time constraints, existing structural sensitivities and each client’s interests. As a result, the forefront of our project approach is always focused on collaborative, communicative development geared towards delivering innovative solutions that meet current building and client needs for years to come.

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Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union

Commercial Building Case Study: Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union Overview The following case study showcases the transformation of property located at 585 Merrimack St. in Lowell into the new home of Jeanne d’Arc Credit Union, a 100+-year-old full service, member-owned community-based

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Emergency Medical Services Building

A Medical Services Facility Made of a Steel Frame Design Emergency Medical Services Building St. Thomas, USVI Overview This Emergency Medical Services Building constructed in St. Thomas, USVI features a mixture of structural engineering elements such as a steel frame

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68 South Main Street Rochester, NH

68 South Main St. — Rochester, N.H. Building Structural Design At Its Best This 11,500-SF wood-framed building constructed in Rochester, NH in early 2011 features a building structural design that allows for residential living opportunities on the upper floors, a

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Two New Branch Locations Featuring a Cold Formed Steel Frame Design Overview The construction of two new branch locations for Danversbank required a cold-formed steel design and façade design to mimic the many other existing banking institutions located throughout Massachusetts.

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Elliot Medical Center

Commercial Building : A Health Care Facility Made of Steel Frame Design Overview Phase 3 of Elliot Medical Center’s campus expansion involved the addition of a completely new building, made of a steel frame design and an inviting facade, to

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Willow Creek Golf Academy

Steel Truss Design and Light-Framed Wood Construction Overview Erected in 2008, the Willow Creek Golf Academy represents a truly unique engineering feat featuring a hybrid of cold-formed steel truss design for the roof and light-framed wood construction. The 10,000-SF state-of-the-art

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Young’s Pier

Marine Structure Design An Innovative Approach to Waterfront Structural Building Design in Bar Harbor, ME Overview Innovative structure design helped turn this dream project into a reality. The project, which took place in 2009, involved two new structures being erected

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Portsmouth, NH Commercial Building

Commercial Building Design Portsmouth, NH Innovative Commercial Building Design and Masonry Restoration Overview This 1970s era building underwent a complete transformation from a commercial building design standpoint. Located in the heart of downtown Portsmouth, this structure experienced a major facelift,

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51 Islington Street Portsmouth, NH

Structural Engineering Services A Structural Engineering Success Story at 51 Islington Street in Portsmouth, NH Overview As a start from scratch project, the structural engineering for this exciting 45,000-SF building was special from the get-go. The five-story mixed-use building was

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The Outlet Mall of Kittery

Quality Restoration with a Focus on Façade Design Overview The Outlet Mall of Kittery located along Route One in Kittery, Maine required a major restoration effort focused on exterior façade design and overall building improvement. As one of the smaller

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580 Main Street Reading, MA

Commercial Building Design 580 Main Street Reading, MA Building Design Overview In 2008 Summit Engineering completed the renovation of the 1960s era building in Reading, MA, as a consultant for McHenry Architecture. The two firms, both based in Portsmouth, NH,

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Ri Ra Irish Pub

Commercial Building: Ri Ra Irish Pub Portsmouth, NH Overview Restoring this historic building and converting it into the home of a new restaurant required creative thinking and some innovative design engineering. Formerly the home of First National Bank of New

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Retail Strip Center Somersworth, NH

Commercial Steel Frame Design Building : High Street Retail Steel Frame Design Somersworth, NH Overview Built in 2009 this retail strip center located on the Dover/Somersworth line was constructed using a design build delivery method. The large shopping center is

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Fresenius Medical Care Center

Commercial Building Design and Construction: An Exercise in Effective Building Design and Construction Overview This medical office building for Fresenius Medical Care Center, the largest provider of dialysis products and services in the U.S., is a great example of how

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Alamo Fireworks

Alamo Fireworks Steel Frame Design A Safe and Sturdy Steel Frame Design Overview Known as the Fireworks Capital of New England, Londonderry, N.H. was the ideal place for this new retail store owned by Alamo Fireworks, a fireworks seller based

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Tremont Yard

Commercial Building Design An Example of Excellent Engineering and Commercial Building Design in MA Overview From the ruins of the former hydroelectric plant to a shining example of excellent commercial building design, the property at Tremont Yard has certainly come

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