Testimonial – Steve McHenry AIA

It has been our pleasure at McHenry Architecture to work with Summit Engineering since the company was founded. Our projects together have ranged from mixed-use, multi-story urban infill new construction projects to historic preservation work.

Testimonial – Rod Shaffert

Over the past four years at Cutler Associates, I have worked with Bob Champagne, as the structural engineer for three new residence halls and a complex residence hall renovation. On each occasion I have appreciated Bob’s proactive and conscientious approach…

Testimonial – Jim Rogers

I have had the pleasure of working with Bob Champagne and Summit Engineering on close to $100M in hard costs spanning multiple projects. With Bob, you get a principal presence with the acumen of a seasoned field engineer. Unlike other…

Testimonial – Ed Hodges

We find Summit Engineering to be a pleasure to work with, and willing to engage in the back and forth required in designing structures for the rigorous architectural expressions that we seek to achieve on each project.