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Masonry design, restoration and renovations

Summit provides masonry restoration engineering services throughout New England

Structural engineering of masonry restoration projects presents challenges including choice of tools to selection of materials. Summit’s structural engineers have the skills to recommend procedures to preserve the materials and recommend materials for repairs.

Working on a masonry restoration project in New England’s historic cities, downtowns, universities and other locations requires a thorough understanding of masonry repair with a wide range of materials: brick, limestone, marble, granite and more. A unique challenge of historic masonry restoration is removing mortar and replacing it with new mortar, because engineers must be sensitive to the look of the historical building while avoiding damage to the material.

The rich architectural history of New England presents many unique masonry design projects for structural engineers. From institutional facilities to historic churches, Summit Engineering has completed many unique masonry engineering projects in New England and beyond. Below are some highlights from Summit Engineering’s masonry restoration design projects.

Masonry restoration in New Hampshire

The Thompson Cage, Phillips Exeter Academy – Exeter, NH
The Thompson Cage is an indoor recreation facility with a dirt floor and an elevated running track. The walls of the building are constructed with a brick veneer supported by terracotta blocks. Summit designed a reinforcement methodology for the existing masonry design to tie the brick system back to the terracotta blocks and reinforce the block wall.

Historic masonry restoration in Massachusetts

Parish of Christ Church – Andover, MA
The restoration of this historic church, designed by HH Richardson, required significant masonry restoration to the bell tower masonry walls. The masonry restoration plan required partial removal of the walls and replacement of the walls with the same material. Additionally, Summit designed the addition of a new mezzanine to the existing chapel in order to accommodate an organ and choir.

Masonry restoration in Maine

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Building 92 – Kittery, ME
This historically significant building at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard required masonry restoration of the building façade. Summit’s design team worked with the State of Maine Office of Historical Preservation to repair and replace the existing façade system of brick and corrugated glass windows.

Holmes Building – Eastport, ME
This project in the historic seaport district of Eastport, ME, included the design of a new roof, floor support, and support of the northeast corner of the building. The Holmes building is a multi-wythe brick structure that was in a severe state of disrepair at the start of the project. The structure was originally built in the mid-19th century and once housed the Fred A. Holmes shoe and clothing store.

Summit Engineering is licensed to work throughout the Northeast and beyond. To discuss a masonry restoration or masonry design project with an engineer from Summit Engineering, contact us today.

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