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Heavy timber truss and timber frame design

Timber trusses add rustic elegance to homes and public spaces

Timber truss design results in structures that are structurally durable and aesthetically attractive. Timber trusses can be pre-manufactured or constructed from timber available on the construction site. Timber framing and timber trusses are popular choices for residential structures, and are often favored for vacation homes near lakes or mountains. The expansive open space that a heavy timber truss structure affords also makes timber trusses a popular choice for commercial and institutional structures including:

  • Hotels
  • Recreational spaces
  • Function spaces
  • Restaurants
  • Churches

Camp Yavneh Multi-Purpose Building – Heavy Timber Truss Design
Summit designed this multi-function recreational building for Camp Yavneh, a residential summer camp in Northwood, NH. The builders harvested Eastern White Pine timbers on-site for the construction of the heavy timber roof trusses.

This 6,000-SF building is built using a combination of concrete, wood framing and heavy timber trusses. The building’s foundation and exterior walls are constructed utilizing insulated concrete forms. The insulated concrete forms serve as a stay-in-place form for the cast-in-place concrete walls. The floor framing consists of engineered wood trusses and steel supporting elements.

Lakeside Home – Sustainable Timber Framing Project
This home mixes heavy timber truss and frame construction with traditional wood framing. This was a particularly unique heavy timber construction project that used an actual tree as the central column for the main stair. Summit worked with the architect to provide a green building plan using structural insulated panels and sustainably harvested wood.

As a structural engineering firm working in New Hampshire, Summit Engineering has gained extensive experience with heavy timber truss and frame projects, sustainable sourcing for timber trusses and framing.

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