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A Youth Camp With A Unique Building Structural Design

Camp Yavneh Multi-Purpose Building Institutional Building Design


Construction of this this multi-purpose building for Camp Yavneh in Northwood, N.H. involved a building structural design capable of accommodating many uses and many people. Built in 2009, this unique 6,000-SF building is now home to a prayer space, staff lounge, alumni hall, and study area.

The local youth camp hired Summit Engineer to provide professional engineering construction services, while TRH Design provided architectural services for the project. The building structural design is unique, in that it features a foundation and exterior walls constructed utilizing insulated concrete forms. The insulated concrete forms serve as a stay-in-place form for the cast-in-place concrete walls. Eastern White Pine timbers were harvested on-site for the construction of the heavy timber roof trusses. Floor framing consists of engineered wood trusses and steel supporting elements.

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